Genuine Roughhouse 50, White, Flat Black, and Silver  $2399 plus tax and title
Roughhouse 50 Sport, Matte Red, Titanium  $2599 plus tax, title
2020 models in stock
Genuine RH50 for sale at scooter
        therapy One of our most popular models. lots of room for taller riders    2 year warranty    2 year warranty
1 year roadside assistance
Two cycle engine
Oil injection
 Powerful brakes
Huge tires
LOTS of leg room, great for tall riders
Fast & Smooth
Cut-out leg guard lets you straighten
out your legs, for more room
Large under seat locking storage
Front storage pouch
usb Port for charging cell phone
Electric and kick start
Fuel gauge
Oil light
Center and side stand
E-Z to park
-FEEL THE LOVE, IT'S GENUINE-      phone charger port! USB port for phone charger, or gps.