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10 reasons to wear a helmet     
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In the past years, 27 bones (at least) have broken in my frail body, and motorcycle racing has a lot to do with that. My head has worn out many helmets, I am glad to be alive..... Please feel free to write and argue my points.

I am going to list some of the arguments that have been presented in the past, to save the time of having to repeat them again. A knee jerk response may be included in some. Please don't be offended.

      (1) A helmet limits my peripheral vision.

You turn your head when you ride a motorcycle. You must to survive. If you are not turning your head to look around and instead rely on your mirrors, and never turn your head because your sunglasses might fly off, you are high risk.

Answer: You don't use your peripheral vision  if scanning properly by turning your head.

      (2)   I can't hear, it cuts my hearing off.

When riding above 15-20 mph, the sound of wind in your ears is very significant. The roaring effect produced overpowers the sounds of vehicles around you, as if someone were shouting in your ears. Wearing a properly fitted helmet diverts the wind around your ears, allowing you to hear much better at these higher speeds.  At walking speed, in a calm wind, the helmet does reduce your hearing slightly. If most of your riding is done under these conditions, you still need to consider that a sound that is significant (a siren, for example) that is louder that the other sounds, will still be heard over the other sounds heard, and all will be at a slightly muted volume.    If most of your riding is over 20 mph, you will hear much better with a helmet that covers your ears and fits correctly, than with no helmet or a cap.

Answer: What? I can't hear you, there is a 55 mph wind blowing in my ears......

       (3)   A helmet ruins my hair.

Answer: Your hair flying around loose behind you ruins it. the road ruins it. Peroxide ruins it. What's your point? Time to choose---        Vanity   or     Concussion

       (4)   I look like a geek with a helmet on.

  Answer: I think I look better with one on.   Full coverage, Tinted lense.

      (5)    The extra weight breaks your neck when you crash

Answer: Hmmm....    I have crashed hundreds of times, (no exaggeration) and my neck ain't broke yet. I have had concussions and broken noses and black eyes and bad headaches, though.  One time I was lying down on my side after not clearing the triple jump AGAIN  watching blood squirt into my goggles from between my eyes, hit the middle of the lense and run down. to the side, filling up the goggles.  I am SO glad I had that full coverage helmet on.

      (6)    A bee might fly in.

Answer: This is possible. In fact, I have had this happen, as have some of my friends. Kind of a rare thing, and I have not heard of anyone stung yet.  I was stung on the lip by a hornet when I was 14 or so on a honda 65 flying through the field with no helmet on.  I believe if I had worn a helmet that day, with a visor, I would not have seen the expression on my mother's face when she spied that hornets ass hanging down on my lip...   Besides, the feeling of an insect ANY size hitting my face and hair at speed is unpleasant.......

       (7)   Helmets are no good. My friend crashed with one on, and the helmet broke. There was a huge crack in it.

Answer: That is what helmets do. They break so your head does not. A helmet only works like new one time, however.    Break a helmet or my skull?...     A helmet is 40$,  I wonder how much this old skull was?

        (8)  A helmet is hot.
Answer: So what will you do, put on a cap to keep the sun off?  Flip up the visor.

        (9)  I am not going very fast.

Answer: The median crash speed for fatalities is 28 mph.........

       (10)  None of my friends wear them.

Answer: That is because the role model they look up to is not wearing one!

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