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New Scooter Page
New Scooters

Genuine Buddy 50

Genuine Roughhouse 50
Genuine Buddy 125

Pre Owned Page
Pre Owned

Project bikes we have played with
Hillclimber CR 125 with H2 750 motor
Harley Popper
Yamaha Jog
Honda Dirt Track Racer
H2750 interceptor

Things to Know before buying

Low price? Who wins the RACE TO THE BOTTOM!

Tips for shopping for new scooter online

What do we repair at Scooter Therapy Inc??

Need a bike picked up for repair?

State laws on scooter operation you want to know about!

10 reasons to wear a helmet

Never heard of GENUINE? Want an owners opinion?? www.MODERNBUDDY.com

riding tips for safety


moped parts
2.50-10 Knobby tires
handlebar mitts
battery chargers
Batteries for scooters
light bulbs
control cables
fuel filters, hose
special tools
points, condensers

Starting a bike after long storage
Why is my moped hard to start in winter?

How do you remove the speed restrictor on a Kymco moped?

How do I change a tire on a moped?
How to speed up a Honda Elite S, SR?
ADVICE for Many questions  carbs, tune up, tire repair and more

Why is my moped so slow? Diagnostic tips
How does a moped clutch/transmission work?

Free riding and Safety Tips (that may save your life)

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