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How to Speed Up a Honda Elite S, SR
Honda Elite S, SR  SLOW?  Top speed 25 MPH?
Here is what you need to do:
Remove the muffler, and drill out the Washer that is welded into the head pipe. The washer is very thick, about 3/4". You may need to take the muffler to a welding shop or machine shop to find someone with a large enough drill bit and a drill press.  That will restore the engine power to what was intended at the factory.
  Next, yo need to remove the kick start cover, and the front clutch. Take the nut off the crankshaft (front clutch) remove the outer pulley half, pull the belt off.  The back half of the clutch will now pull right off the crankshaft.
   Look at the back of the clutch. The metal plate held on with three screws is the travel limiter.  That plate keeps the clutch from shifting up all the way, keeping the speed down.

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Remove the three screws and discard the plate and screws.
Reinstall the clutch
Make sure you have the clutch outer pulley installed correctly on the splines on the end of the crankshaft, before you tighten the nut. You do not want to get it on crooked, it is easy to destroy the crankshaft. Tighten the nut securely.  Replace the kickstart cover  and you should now have a top speed of about 35 mph.  Be careful!
The faster models of the Elite have a split throttle cable so the oil pump output increases when you open the throttle. If you are going to be at sustained high speeds you should either replace the single cable with a split one to control oil flow, or add a small amount of extra oil directly to the fuel in the tank. I have not had any problems without doing either of these when the machine is used in town, but I have had a few people worried about lack of oil at speed, so here you are warned.   Some have suggested tying the pump open, but then you get more oil than needed at idle and slow speeds. Better to add 1-2 ounce per gallon in the tank.

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