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Scooter Therapy

1000 Gallon Fish Tank
Scooterfish- Jason bought 5 Piranha and 3 Pacu around 1995, when they were about the size of a dime. WE now have  four Pacu, two over  25 pounds, 24" long and thirty Piranha.They live in a 1000 gallon custom made tank with a lot of Guppies, Minnows, Goldfish, and other small fishes.

The tank is enclosed in screen all the way to the ceiling inside Scooter Therapy, and many animals live in the cage.  Several baby Finches have been raised inside, and there are several lizards also, including Water Dragons, and Iguanas.

The tank was made from two 500 gallon livestock drinking tanks welded together, with the bottom cut out of one, and windows installed.  It is heated with a 1500 watt water heater element, and filtered by pumping water through charcoal and floss in a tray.

The full grown Pirahana  are about 8-9" long, very fast and healthy.   The fish all eat about 2 full cans of dog food a day, and they also get a lot of chicken, pork, nuts, and whatever else we may be having for lunch.
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The guard sleeping on duty again Rick and Snoball check out the action  15 foot ceiling .....The bench makes it nice to see what is happening, but you may get splashed
Water Dragon in the mealworm dish, waving his arm around in a circle GECKO! .......The Water Dragons are very territorial,  and wave the arm and bob the head to threaten others in the area. This one is taking over the mealworm box.
A nice little indoor pond crickets chirping, birds singing .......You can bend over and look but do not put in a finger without keeping a close eye on it. I had one jump out, after my nose, one time. I kid you not.

Pacu swimming  notice pottery on floor, pot is about 9 inches tall .....That is about a 15-17 pound Pacu.   They can crack open Walnuts and Pistachio nuts with ease, and will down a fat mouse just by sucking in.
The water filter, charcoal and filter floss in a pan Small Chameleon hiding not so bright Water Dragon Trying to get out of a seed bowl
The lizards have some heat lamps and rocks in electric frying pans to keep warm, and they all have daily routines. Get up, warm up,  chase something to eat, wash,  rest, sleep.   They take bathes in the filter, but not the big water. Same with the birds.
About 4 feet above the water here These guys cannot swim , but have 7 inch toungues Ricky and Snoball checking it out
It looks peacefull but we know better nest! bird!   chirp chirp chirp chirp fly chirp chirp chirp
BLOOMING ORCHID! Red and Yellow Orchids
Fat, Happy Skink
new baby finches! noisey and hungry
The anoles escape the cage when it is warm, and go outside in the sun. When it gets, cold, they come back inside.

Scooter Therapy Inc

12 North Few Street  |  Madison, WI 53703    
toll free 1-800-411-1543  |  local 1-608-255-1520    
fax 1-608-255-1587  |  E-mail

Scooter Therapy Inc    
12 N. Few St      
Madison, WI 53703 

toll free 1-800-411-1543    
local 1-608-255-1520    
fax 1-608-255-1587    

Hours: M-F, 9-6 Saturday, 10-3  CST

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