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Removing a Flywheel
Need to remove a flywheel that you cannot find a puller for? 

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Technical Advice
There you are, sitting under your shade tree, not too many tools, and you need to remove a flywheel without wrecking it. Or the crank....

give it a Firm Rap, not a tap tap tap tap tap

This usually works, but you have to do it right, and be careful. If the threads on the crank go all the way to the end, leave the nut on the end to keep the threads from mushing out.

When you insert your pry bars under the flywheel, you must be certain they do not touch any wiring or charge coils. DO NOT put a screwdriver or pry bar though the holes in the flywheel to keep it from turning while loosening the nut.  Push gently on the pry bars so the flywheel is not distorted.

Hold one hammer straight on the end of the crankshaft, and take care that the other side of the crankshaft is not getting damage from hitting the table when you strike it. You need two hammers, one to hold against the nut on the crank, and the other hammer to hit with.

Push gently down on the pry bars to push the flywheel off the crankshaft, while someone else holds one hammer on the crankshaft and strikes it with a sharp blow using a second hammer, assuring a square and accurate hit. You should only need to hit it once, maybe twice, be careful that you do not destroy the end of the crankshaft. 

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