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Technical Advice
This only works if the throttle is closed, as it operates on a separate air passage next to the throttle slide. If you open the throttle slide, no air is drawn through the passage for the choke. The wires heat a ceramic type heater that in turn causes the carb slide to drop into the carburator, turning off the choke. Putting current to the bystarter does not cause the choke slide to rise out of the carb, rather drop slowly into it.    
do not take these apart! Is it my problem? To test, remove the screws that hold the unit into the carb, and lift the choke slightly out of the carb body while cranking the engine to manually choke it. If it starts, then the carb is ok, choke is not.
but if you must, it unscrews! Some have a single connector, some have a male and female bullet type. They are the same otherwise, as far as I know.  

A lot of folks call and say, "I put power to the wires, and the plunger did not snap up"
Well, It's not supposed to.

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