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How Do Points Work?-- No Spark!
I am going to tell you only what you need to know to check your system, not explain the whole theory of the system.  There are a few parts to the system.  1. points, 2. condenser, 3. charge coil, 4. ignition coil, 5. flywheel magnets, 6. cam lobe
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Technical Advice
The points are a switch that when opened cause the ignition coil to fire the spark plug.  This only happens if the "points", the smooth contact pads that touch together,  are clean as to make a good connection when closed. There is a cam, that turns with the engine, that opens the points just before the piston gets to top dead center. When the points crack open, the spark plug will fire. The ignition coil gets power from the " charge " coil. mounted under the flywheel. As the engine turns over, the flywheel magnet produces electricity with  the charge coil.

One end of the charge coil must be grounded. Some are grounded through a tail lamp bulb, if bulb burns out there is no spark. Most are grounded directly to the stator "point" plate. From the other end of the charge coil, power goes to the ignition coil, points, and condenser.

The condenser must be grounded. The other end of the ignition coil must be grounded.   The spark plug lead comes off the ignition coil and goes to the spark plug, the spark plug also must be grounded.

If you have battery ignition, then when the ignition switch is on you have power to the points even though the engine is not turning over. You can open the points with a screwdriver, they will spark the spark plug every time you open them.
On the flywheel and crankcase there will be a set of marks for timing. Most times it will be a F mark for fire, and a T mark for top dead center. When turning the engine, the points should just crack open as the F mark lines up with the mark in the case.

When checking for no spark, bear in mind that most times it is caused by dirt or corrosion on the contact surface of the ignition points.   Ignition coils rarely fail, and if a condenser is bad you will get a tit built up on one of the point contacts and a pit on the other.  Also check that the pivot for the points is not sticking, so they do not close properly.

There should be a small amount of grease on the cam lobe that opens the points to prevent the rubbing block from being worn down  Most points will work set at about 16 to 18 thousandths.

If you are trying to clean points,  use a very fine sandpaper and clean well after to get all the dirt and grit out. Any piece of paper or lint caught between will cause a no spark.

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