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Buying a moped on Ebay? READ THE WARRANTY! 
Scooter Therapy has looked at pretty much all the brands of scooters on the market now, and we only try to sell the best quality for a fair price. We have found the Kymco and Genuine lines of scooters to be very high quality.  There are many other scooters manufactured now that are copies of quality name brand scooters.
Many of these copies are very poor quality sold at prices from $995  and up. You get what you pay for.

We have been contacted by MANY people lately that have purchased these poor quality mopeds on line or at a retail store, only to have them break down almost immediately. Several have had complete engine meltdowns in the first 200 miles. One fellow was told his bike was one day out of the 30 day warranty, so tough beans.  Two others had crankshaft failures, only to be told by the selling dealer that they could not repair the bike, they should bring it to us and pay to repair it.     MANY dealers selling these mopeds WILL NOT repair what they sell.     A shop in town selling these mopeds will send you 90 miles away for any needed repairs, saying they are just an "agent" for another shop. 

The Tomos is about the cheapest moped you can get that is worth buying, at $1100.00 plus tax and title fees.   The engines are very strong but they offer few convenience features, such as storage and electric start, like Kymco and Genuine. The Honda and Yamaha scooters are also very good quality, the price of parts is very high however.

Make sure you purchase from a reputable dealer that gives you a manufacture certificate of origin.  If you do not get that certificate, you cannot get a title and license plate in Wisconsin.   There are some brands that make almost the same vehicle in different factories, and the quality produced varies greatly.    Some dealers have a good product and service, and others selling a very similar appearing product do not, so please shop and compare carefully.

If you are going to purchase a moped you better make SURE you are getting a FULL warranty, parts AND labor.  Many warranties state   "if you send us the defective part, AND we determine it is warrant able, we will send you a replacement part for YOU to install on YOUR moped. "  In other words, owner pays freight, all labor costs to diagnose and repair. All the seller loses is a cheap part.    

As of today, we have over 10 counterfeit mopeds here, none with over 600 miles, that are owned by folks that cannot afford to repair them, (they were just purchased!) and are left here for dead.    Not a very good bargain.  

If you are buying a motor vehicle and it does not have at LEAST a 6 month warranty,  you may as well throw your money in the toilet.  A quality moped will have at least a 6 month, many a one or two year warranty. Not a "30 day parts only" scam warranty. 

(Tomos 6 months, Kymco and Genuine 2 years. Full warranty.)
 I talked to a fellow last week that needed a new battery, the one in his new bike was no good. He called the place it was purchased and they told him the battery had a two week warranty. Two weeks?  Why even bother.

Please use caution when buying from an internet store selling mopeds.  The scooter may appear to have the same features and look just like a quality brand, but if it looks to good to be true,   you know it probably is.   Good luck, trying to get your money back.

     Randy Knudson, Owner  

P.S.  Update!   Scooter Therapy can get parts for many of the bikes refered to in this article. Please call us to make sure we will work on your moped brand before you bring it in. The main lines that we do repair? Kymco, TGB, Yamaha, Honda, Genuine, Tomos,  Bajaj.

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