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Scooter Therapy

South China Sea w/ Randy & Elizabeth
My friend Elizabeth and I took a trip from Hong Kong to Bangkok in February.
We flew from Madison, Wisconsin  to Chicago Il, to San Francisco CA, to  Hong Kong.
In Honk Kong we boarded the Song of Flower cruise boat with a group tour sponsored by the Smithsonian, through the Gohagen group.       The boat went to Hia Phong, Hanoi, Saigon , all the way to Bangkok.  We then flew to Cambodia, to see a group of Temples including  Angkor Wat .   Then back to Bangkok for a few days, before flying back to Hong Kong, San Francisco, Chicago, and finally Madison.

Port in Hong Kong
about 80 l boats in view
We are getting  off the Song of Flower, to a small local ferry  going to a cave out in the Ha Long bay
On the ferry boat I purchased some local white and black pearls, not round ones but  very cool.
Its a little foggy out
The Song of Flower  was great, and all the service wonderful.  Great entertainment,  very cool band and entertainment "personalities"
You can almost hear  the B-52's   (not the BAND, Kiddies)
On the ferry  boat, to see the caves in the harbor,  you are like a dot in the water next to huge oil tankers and freight boats.
 in the caves
The local guide on the tourist boat told us the  the Vietnamese  used this cave to hide the sharpened bamboo stakes they installed to sink boats in the harbor at low tide during a battle.   Our resident expert, Mai Elliott, said that battle was not even close to here.     As we approach the dock, it is apparent that the other ferry boat approaching alongside of us is going to race us to the dock. Neither pilot lets of the throttle until the last moment, as we hurtle towards the rocks.  I got the impression our Pilot was cursing under his breath when we got squeezed out by 5 feet at the dock.   A third boat in further behind had the passengers walk through one one the docked boats, as there was no more room at the dock to pull up.
We get off at the cave, on an island. It was a pretty neat tourist trap, there are small concession stands for souvenirs and film. The boat ride alone is worth it, but prices are very reasonable.

This the Boat's Dragon head. Lots of Dragons out here.
This is a small boat that pulled alongside to sell us fresh fish. Huge Prawns, Cuttlefish, Crabs   HELLO! HELLO!   A very small child hooks a line as they chug alongside, and reaches up to take money for the things purchased.
We chug on into the mist, back to Song of Flower.

Cruising to Hanoi.
 Back to the City! Traffic, and lots of it.   All flowing smooth.  Every house has a TV antenna. Even the tiny grass huts.
4 on a small Honda? no problem. Pull a trailer with 4 big live hogs with it? Sure. Carry 11 men in trailer behind Honda? Yep. Big loads of bricks, Chickens, two truck tires, you name it.
with no laws, optional stoplights, and a mutual consideration for each other. You just walk across the street, they go around you. 

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Scooter Therapy Inc    
12 North Few Street  |  Madison, WI 53703    
toll free 1-800-411-1543  |  local 1-608-255-1520    
fax 1-608-255-1587  |  E-mail

Scooter Therapy Inc    
12 N. Few St      
Madison, WI 53703 

toll free 1-800-411-1543    
local 1-608-255-1520    
fax 1-608-255-1587    

Hours: M-F, 9-6 Saturday, 10-3  CST

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