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Installing a 70cc Kit on a Tomos
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Technical Advice
Trim with a razor blade. Don't go to far!   Check the base gasket. The cylinder is a large as you can get and still barely work, as far as the transfer port match is concerned. Try to match the engine cases and the cylinder if you can.  It requires some carefull file work.  I did not match the cylinder and the case for this project, to give an idea of the results of a less than ideal installation. 
no dirt allowed inside. Clean off the old gaskets

Oil the wrist pin when you intsall it. 
about a 2 pound difference

Quite a difference. Plus a huge weight saving, using aluminum rather than cast iron. 
Mega Bowl

New cable operated choke no more airbox 
Put a little oil on that ring and it will slide in smooooth Please make sure the clips are properly in the groove.  Hold the ring in place on the locating pin, and carefully lower the cylinder over the piston, it should slide with very little resistance. If you force, you break.       Clean out the cylinder carefully to remove any residue or preservatives, before assembly
torque that nut, squasher that washer Install the intake manifold  We drilled a hole in the intake manifold and tapped it out to 6mm so the original oil lines could be used. 
Put the fins in the right direction!  Put a little oil on the studs so it tightens up smoothly. Spin the nuts down by hand to see the head go down and bottom out evenly. tighten gently to feel the even pressures from stud to stud. They should all feel the same. Carefully turn the engine over to see how everything goes with the plug out.  Should be smooth! 
Do not tighten if the head is crooked on the studs! Tighten head bolts evenly
Try to get it on nice and straight, for quiet operation.... Install exhaust head pipe with new gasket, you may need to trim the gasket for good fit as it hits a cooling fin.
NOTE: Adding any of these parts will void your warranty
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