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How to Remove the Speed Restrictor on a Kymco Moped (may be illegal in some states!)
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Technical Advice
Click here for information to remove rev limiter on Kymco AGILITY,PEOPLE 50 S, FILLY

Remove the kick start cover by taking out the screws on the outside edge. The people model has one in the center, also
make sure you get them all
ensure that the starter pinion (bendix gear) is seated fully in position, it sometimes comes out of it's hole when you remove the kick cover
use an impact wrench to remove the nut on the front pully (crankshaft)  right hand threads  Hold the crank from turning with your hand
remove the outer pully half
remove the belt from the crank, and hold the inner pully half in tight to the engine while pulling the boss out
hold the pully tight in place and don't move. or the parts will fall out of it. No big deal, just takes longer
insert the new boss, the new one has no shoulder on it. it MUST slide right in, easy
and bottom out smoothly, just like the original
slip the belt back on
put the outer pully half back on, being carefull to get the splines aligned properly. You must be able to spin the nut on by hand, all the way so that the clutch halves are bottomed out together. Wiggle the pully with your fingers while spinning the nut on to be sure it is on all the way, and correct.
Tighten the nut back up with the impact, put the kick cover back on. You are done!  Scooter Therapy sells the replacement boss, $35 deliverd in the USA
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