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Different state laws mean different power requirements. The easiest way to increase or restrict a 2-stroke power wise is to change the  exhaust pipe. To tell if you have a slow pipe, look at the shape of the head pipe. (the part that goes between the cylinder head and the muffler)

Notice the top pipe is skinny all the way back, the bottom example gets larger.

An expansion chamber like the Biturbo pipe has a very specific megaphone and reverse cone design that create shock waves in the pipe that act to pressurize the cylinder, and increase power and efficiency

These are honda pipes shown.   On the newer elite models, it is common to have a restrictor welded inside the head pipe by the flange that bolts to the head.

Is your muffler plugged?  If you check it on a scale, a brand new spree muffler is 1.72kg, or 3lb 12oz. A clean, rusty one should be lighter!  If it is heavy, you need to clean out the carbon deposits inside, Scooter Therapy charges $40.

How do you tell  if you pipe has a restrictor?  remove it and look inside the pipe that attaches to the head.  The hole should be full size,  (as big as the pipe) not have a washer welded inside.

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