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Installing a Tire
Tips on tire and tube replacement for mopeds
Mopeds with single- sided swingarms that have one side of the rim exposed do not require rim removal to change the tire or tube. these models include Razz, Elite E, Elite SR, Express NC50, Kasea, FA50, QT50, Zuma, and many others. It may be necessary to loosen the muffler mount or completely remove the muffler to get enough room to slide the tire or tube out. Shown is a Spree with the muffler removed.                                   << Return to Tires Page
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Tire Instructions

First, remove the nut holding the valve stem.
Push the bead of the tire loose from the rim all the way around, on both sides.
So it falls loose from the rim
Always start removing the tire at the valve stem.  Insert tire iron and carefully pry tire over rim while holding opposite hand down on tire to keep it in the center valley of the rim. 
The tire does not stretch- you must get slack by having the tire bead in the lowered center portion of the rim to be able to pry it over on the opposite side of the wheel. Here you can see my left thumb holding the tire bead in the center, while the right pushes the tire iron down. 
While holding the first iron in place, install the second as close as possible to the first, to pry over another "bite" 
Repeat taking the smallest "bite" at a time, all the while holding the tire bead down into the center of the rim.
After the first few inches, the rest of the bead should lift over quite easily.
When the side is off the rim, remove the tube.    If your tire is in good shape, check the inside carefully for dirt or objects sticking in the tire. It is not required to completely remove the tire to replace the tube. 
To finish removing the tire, insert tire iron from the backside and through to the edge of the rim, then pry the tire over.
Keep the tire bead in the center of the rim!
Move the tire irons apart while prying to force the tire off the rim
   Or give it a few blows to speed up removal
This is the dropped center of the rim. All rims have this, unless they are "split", and can be taken into two pieces. 
This is the tire "bead", there are very stiff wires wrapped around here to give strength to the bead, so it does not stretch and blow off the rim. 
This is a alignment line to make sure the tire is centered properly on the rim. It should be the same distance to the rim all the way around.
To reinstall, set the tire over the rim edge
And pry it on with an iron, then hold the iron in place
While you use the other iron to get another bite
When one side is on, insert the tube, putting the stem through the hole first, then putting the nut on loosely. (about 1/2 way) 
Get the tube in all the way, be sure it is not twisted or folded. 
Push the tire down toward the center, just to the side of the valve stem. When prying the tire over the rim, the valve can cause interference with the tire bead in the rim center, making it hard to pry the tire over. The area over the stem should be the last part pried over. 
Holding the tire down toward the rim center with one hand, use the other to pry the tire over. This is a critical moment, when many times the tube is pinched and ruined. Note that when the tire iron is forced down the tip of the iron is able to snag the tube inside and pinch it against the rim. You must avoid this by not pushing the iron down any further than needed to get the tire over the rim. 
Continue prying the tire over, taking small bites, always keeping the opposite side bead pushed down into the center of the rim to allow slack.
The last bit should be right over the stem. This should be easily pushed on by hand. 
The tube will try to get pinched in here, between the tire and rim. Be carefull! 
The stem should be straight  when tire is inflated. Check around the rim/bead area to be sure the tire is centered properly. 
Do not tighten the stem nut with a wrench. Finger tight is ok. after inflating the tire, let the air out to allow the tube to relax and center itself in the tire. Then reinflate to proper pressure.

The front tire needs to be removed for repair. The axle must be removed to take out the wheel, take note of any spacers and the position of the speedometer cable drive. Replica Watches Use caution when putting the speedometer drive on the wheel when you are putting it back together. There is a tang sticking out on the drive that must be aligned with the notch in the wheel that turns it. There may also be a tang that is aligned to the fork leg to keep the brake backing plate from spinning.

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